The 5 worst dog problems and how to avoid them

February 14, 2020

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There’s nothing quite like having a furry companion to call your best friend, but it’s no secret that dogs like to get into mischief every chance they get. Whether it’s running through mud or typical puppy bad habits, dogs always seem to get into something they shouldn't. So, we’ve collected the worst and most common dog problems, and how to deal with them. Spoiler Alert: You need some premium dog accessories. 

A Visit To The Flea Market

Unfortunately, if your dog isn't on flea medication, this infestation is pretty inevitable. Fleas are everywhere, especially if you live in the Australian climate where it doesn’t get cold, as they can continue to breed all year round. So, flea medication is always a top recommendation for protecting your pup from pesky flea bites that can lead to more serious problems if left untreated.

However, it isn’t just fleas you have to worry about. Ticks are dangerous for your dog. Fortunately, you can purchase over the counter medications that protect your dog from both flea and tick bites. It’s SO important to use these medications to keep everyone safe. You’ll also want to keep your dog on a dog leash anytime you’re outdoors to prevent them from running through tall grass, which is where these pesky guys like to hang out.

Those bad, bad smells!

There are few things worse than dirty, wet dog, especially if your furry companion isn’t a fan of baths. However, even if you do have a dog who would love to be dipped in tomato juice, the mess is a pain and the smell can consume a house!

The good news is you can keep your pupper away from those mud patches with some of our premium accessories. We say premium because our dog collar and leash sets will stand out from the pack in both style and quality!

Those bowl cuts

If you have ever opted to save some dollars by cutting corners – pardon the pun, you’ve likely experienced a bad haircut for the pooch. Whether you decided to try a cheaper pet salon or gave your dog a do-it-yourself haircut without the experience, a bad haircut is something you will likely want to avoid in the future.

For starters, if you are going to do it yourself, you have to use premium dog grooming accessories. If not, shop around and find an affordable pet grooming salon that has good reviews. You wouldn’t want to walk around with a bad haircut and your dog definitely doesn’t want to either.

Baby Making

Unless you are a breeder, finding your dog attached to another when the two of them aren't fixed is never good news. It is just a, "Oh no, this is not happening," moment. Unexpected puppies can put a serious damper and change in your plans. Unfortunately, many people fail to spay or neuter their animals, which results in many ending up in animal shelters looking for a new home. So, invest in a trip to the vet. Doing so can actually help prevent many health problems for your dog in the future, particularly if you never plan on breeding them.

Now, if you don’t plan on fixing your pooch, make sure you keep them on a dog leash and collar when out exploring the world. And if you have a runner, make sure you get some personalized dog tags on them so you can find out if they’ve made “a friend” down the road.

Poop Eater

Oh, a dog who likes to snack on the good stuff he or she finds outside. That’s never fun. Unfortunately, we have had the unpleasant experience of having a poop eater in our pack before and yes, that applies to all kinds of poop. His poop, her poop, bunny poop, goose poop –you name it. A dog who likes poop is always on a scavenger hunt for the smelly stuff. This bad habit is as gross as it is dangerous for your pooch as well. So, if you have a poop eater in the family, you have to invest in a quality dog leash and collar to deter them from dessert. Gross!

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