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All you need to know About Dog Leashes

June 28, 2019

All you need to know About Dog Leashes

Unfortunately, we can’t just trust our beautiful pups to walk around on their own and understand this crazy world, so dog leashes are not a luxury accessory.

Dog walkers in many areas are required by law to have their dog on a leash.  Being the necessity that they are, why wouldn’t you at least want to pick yourself up a leash that is stylish, strong and comfortable for your fur baby. 

There are different types of leashes available for each stage in your dog’s life.
During the early puppy years your dog goes through, a dog leash is a critical training tool that offers guidance for the dog to walk at a comfortable speed and allows them to stay in line with you as you walk. 

When your pup spots something it doesn’t like (such as a cat, or sometimes even nothing) it may lunge or run unexpectedly into other people or traffic.
Leashes are absolutely crucial in environments where your dog may perform unpredictable actions and give you and your pup peace of mind. 

Barker and Bone’s dog leashes are made with durable nylon webbing, infused with velvet and a strong steel bucket clasp.

The nylon is designed to keep even the most excitable dogs safe and happy. As we always say, there is a lead to suit any pups personality, so check them out at our website today!

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