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Benefits of choosing a Barker & Bone Rope Toy

August 30, 2019

Benefits of choosing a Barker & Bone Rope Toy

Toys are man's best friend' friend? The complexities of the English language aside, dog toys are a fantastic way of helping your pup get through each and every day whilst having a lot of fun doing so. At Barker & Bone, we've thought long and hard about the kind of dog toys we'd like to have in our collection. We've chosen rope dog toys, as the best, most versatile and least annoying (to a human ear) toy that our pups can have.

Below we've listed the top 4 reasons for purchasing a Barker & Bone Rope Toy:

  1. Rope toys are soft and flexible. Because of this quality, dogs absolutely love playing with them and they're not too draining on the jaw/teeth.
  2. During dog training, a rope toy is a great object that can be used as a reward or chew toy.
  3. When soaked in cool water, rope toys can be soothing for teething pups. However, please make sure you are always present when your young puppy is chewing on a rope toy.
  4. Rope toys can be easily carried with you on outings with your dog. Because of this, they are a highly versatile toy for your pup.

Want to reward your doggo with a brand new toy? Check out our collection of animal rope toys today!

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