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Best time of the day to take your dog for a walk

August 22, 2019

Best time of the day to take your dog for a walk

We all love our pups and want them to have the best of everything. This includes the need to give them the best daily walks. Your dog's daily walk will be their absolute favourite time of the day, so it's important to get it right.

As we mentioned in a previous article, walking can help keep your dog stimulated on a daily basis, by allowing them to interact with other animals and people. By doing this, it will help keep your pup from developing any bad habits, such as being destructive towards the house or garden.

So, let's talk about walking times and what might be best for your pup.

1. Morning

During the morning the dog should be able to enjoy the longest walk of the day, which should last between thirty minutes and one hour, depending on the energy of the dog. The ideal is to take this walk very soon or after the opening hours of offices when the street is not very busy. It's the perfect time to take them to a park, to the beach or simply to the nearest dog park. It's important to emphasize that in the morning their senses are especially sensitive, so allowing them to sniff all they want is a good recommendation if we want our dog to relax and relieve their accumulated stress.

2. Midday

At this time of day, especially in summer, we must be alert, since it is warmer. Brachycephalic dogs (pug, bulldog or boxer) and older dogs could suffer a heat stroke if the walk is too long. So, we recommend taking short walks in the shade, where they simply can do their needs, sniff a little and socialize. This walk should be between ten and fifteen minutes.

3. Afternoon

Many people often choose the afternoon to take their dogs for exercise and / or long walks, although it is not always the best option. At this time of day, big cities are congested by traffic and noise, which causes a dog's stress levels to rise and they cannot relax and enjoy as they would at other times of the day. If we do not have the option of taking our dog to a quiet area where we can enjoy about thirty or sixty minutes of walking, it is best to take a short and simple walk, lasting about fifteen or thirty minutes at most, in which socialising, playing and being active is the main objective.

4. Night

Finally, the night is usually a quiet time, so it is the right time to favour your dog's relaxation before going to sleep. We recommend taking a very calm, quiet stroll in which the dog can sniff everything they want to without any hurry.

Remember that the hours to walk the dog can vary greatly if you live in a city or the countryside, the important thing is to look at the needs of your dog and adapt the walking schedule so that they can maintain proper well-being, taking into account the indications above.


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