Choosing the right toy for your dog

Five quick safety tips to ensure you pick the right Dog toy

July 15, 2019

Thinking about picking up a few toys for your adorable little pup? Here's a few quick tips that you'll want to keep in mind.
  1. Look for Dog toys that are reasonably indestructible

    The more indestructible the toy, the longer it will last and the smaller the chances that your dog may swallow something. But keep an eye out for sharp edges that may develop on any rubber or nylon toys.

  2. Keep a close eye on toys with bells

    Probably a fairly obvious one, but worth mentioning just to keep little scruffles safe. Bells will be one of the first things that your dog will go for, and you don't want the poor thing swallowing them, so make sure you keep an eye or an ear out for them.

  3. Ensure there are no rips or tears

    Generally speaking, well constructed fabric or plush toys can be fairly safe, but if there are any rips or tears that begin to appear, it's time to throw the toy out. You don't want the material ending up in your dogs stomach.

  4. Find the right toy size

    Much like Goldilocks searching from an appropriately sized bed, you need to ensure your pup has a toy that is an appropriate size for it's mouth. Too big, and it will defeat it's purpose, too small and you run the risk of the dog swallowing it. 

  5. If purchasing cheaper toys, ensure they're not made with any hazardous material

    You may be keen on the idea of picking up cheap toys, either from discount stores or from overseas wholesalers, but be wary of the materials with which they're made, as they could contain hazardous materials (for your dog). This is very unlikely, but it's absolutely worth double checking. 

If you're ever in doubt, Barker & Bone's range of toys are high-quality and your dog will absolutely love them. You can find them here.

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