Pamper Your Dog With Designer Dog Collars

How To Pamper Your Dog With Designer Dog Collars

July 15, 2019

Whether you want your dog to make a statement with a pearl collar or keep a low profile with a leather neckband, you should try designer dog collars. With designer collars, you can have the device made exactly how you want it to look like. Handcrafted collars are custom made are custom-made for best fit with the quality of materials guaranteed.

For designers to replicate your ideas into an actual design, you must provide comprehensive details. The most important of all is neck size so to ensure the device is neither too tight nor snuggly. You can determine this size using a measuring tape or a piece of cloth and a ruler. Remember all features of the neckband will largely depend on this measurement.

When it comes to designer dog collars, you can rest assured you have complete control over the choice of materials. All you have to do is describe how you want it made. Do you prefer it embroidered and flowery? Simple and strong? The choice is all up to you.

Depending on your preferences, you can get designer pup collars in a wide range of price tags. Collars with jewels often command higher respect but also cost higher. Dog collars made of pure leather, as well as those featuring durable materials, are also priced.

Wondering how to spoil your fur baby? Here you will find some of the materials that instantly invoke envy at the dog parks. One of the most loved designs features a crocodile monarch, fitted with hand cut and created sapphires. Alternatively, you can have your puppy’s ornament fitted with coloured grommets.

If you want your pooch to live in style, you can have his collar made with turquoise leather and adorned with glistening ornaments. A good choice is brass plates or nickel studs. You may have its details engraved in a stainless steel tag.

Buying expensive accessories for your dog is the ultimate gift but this does not mean cheaper collars are worthless. Irrespective of their price, handcrafted collars always command respect. Some cheap additions such as padding and stitches are included to improve the quality of handmade collars. Most dog enthusiasts also take pleasure in a variety of tan colours.

That said, there are innumerable collar designs that you can choose to pamper your dog. All you have to do is get the specifications right and wait for your product. Seek guidance from the designer if you are not sure which combination works best. The best part is that you can as well communicate your personal style through your dog while letting it look fabulous.

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