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How to stop your dog from getting bored

August 15, 2019

How to stop your dog from getting bored

It may shock you to learn that dogs are much like humans in that if they are not stimulated by something, they can easily get bored. This can lead to many issues such as a dog ripping up it's home or owner’s shoes. In the past, dogs used to either be workers or wild and their sense of meaning and purpose arose from hunting, finding shelter and eating food. Now with being domesticated, dogs often have access to an amazing home where they are fed from a bowl. 

It would be amazing to be able to entertain our adoring pups for 24 hours a day, but our lives are unfortunately just a little bit to busy. If you notice your dog is showing a general lack of interest, depressive behaviour, unexplainable barking, destructive behaviour or chewing your property it may be a sign that they are a little bit bored. If you notice your dog is bored there are many things you can do to turn it around!

The number one thing you can do is to change up your dogs’ exercise routine! Start by changing up the patterns that you walk each day, bring a ball or a different toy that your pup can enjoy and really add some variety to its life. Another option is to give your dog a stuffed kong full of peanut butter! This can keep your dog busy for hours. 

If you’re to busy at work, you could consider paying someone you trust to walk your dog during the day. They will most likely have other dogs with them at the same time so your dog will definitely get to spend part of the day socialising as an added bonus! 

However, the number one thing you can do is to supply your dog with new and exciting toys as often as possible! Dogs love being stimulated by new ways to play and toys are the best option. 

Does your dog get bored? We would love to hear from you all about it including your tactics to prevent boredom!

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