Barker & Bone Rope Leash

Why You Should Buy A Barker & Bone Rope Leash

September 09, 2019

Barker and Bone rope leashes are crafted with cotton rope with edges whipped with a waxed cord. Cotton leashes are absolutely perfect for any dog that chafes easily as it is far softer than other rope-based materials. If you choose to buy thick cotton rope is can also be extremely durable, however, it may also be heavy. You can take care of your Barker and Bone rope leash by rinsing it with soapy warm water and let it drip dry. If you often walk around in salty areas such as coastal or your dog jumps in the ocean, be sure to wash it quickly in freshwater afterwards.

Barker and Bone rope leashes create a soft feel each journey and the waxed cord is comfortably strong enough to control your dog in hectic situations. All of our rope dog collars are in limited edition colours never to be repeated which adds a special touch of personal style for your dog!

Our designs are always crafted with flawless style and premium quality materials to make sure you and your dog both love the things they wear!

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