Why you should choose a Barker & Bone Dog Leash

July 22, 2019

Best Dog Leashes Australia

We get how precious your pup is to you, and we understand that there’s no worse feeling than being down at the park and feeling like the leash your using is on its last legs and could break at any moment. That’s why we’ve developed a premium range of dog leashes that are capable of withstanding the most rigorous of walks. If you’ve got a little pupper, and you’re more worried about style, we’ve got you covered there, too! 


Each of our leashes are made from a durable nylon webbing to ensure that it will be able to handle even the strongest, most excitable of pups.

Regardless of whether your dog is a strong, muscular type or a small, petite pup, we have a leash that will withstand the most vigorous of walks.

If rope leashes are more your speed, you can be assured that these will last the test of time as these are crafted by splicing three-strand cotton rope and strengthened by whipping the edges with waxed cord. This offers a soft feel to keep each journey and is strong and comfortable for both you and your fur-baby.


Our nylon leashes come in a variety of colours and styles. Pick out your favourite block colour, or if you’re feeling something a little more fun, we have a number of different pattern-styled leashes.

Our Barker & Bone rope dog leashes are a style investment for your pup. A split ring with the B&B logo is included on all of our leashes which is perfect for attaching your favourite accessory.

Pick up the best dog leashes going around from Barker & Bone today!

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