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Why your dog needs their own Dog Toys

June 30, 2019

Why your dog needs their own Dog Toys

We all need a new item every now and then to keep us mentally stimulated and happy. it’s the same for dogs, with the toys you pick up for your pup providing them with tools to learn proper chewing habits, mental stimulation and aid in behaviour modification. Whilst dogs are primarily bred to be human companions, they still require activities throughout the day. For puppies, their day to day lives are greatly spiced up by having a toy to chew on.

1. They will choose their own chew toys if you don’t select one more them
If your prized sofa, cushions, expensive running shoes or toilet paper rolls hold a special place in your heart, then you will definitely want to consider providing your dog with an alternative solution such as a cute octopus chew toy.

2. It helps with your dog’s education!
Toys can help promote your dog’s natural behaviours such as exploring and playing whilst developing new skills such as understanding how hard to chew.

3. Relaxation
Toys are great options to allow your dog to be happy and relaxed. Dogs find play time to be a rewarding experience which counteracts the stress of your home being under constant threat (that’s what my beagle tells me anyway.) The more toys you give your pup to select from, the more relaxed they will be!

Barker and Bone’s adorable chew toys are knotted and braided that dogs of all shapes and sizes will enjoy chomping down on. Our toys are created using eco-friendly vegetables dyes, so they are safe to chew on. Chewing on our rope toys will also aid with your dog’s teeth, acting like floss!

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