Dog Toy | Lion

The Fun Stuff

What’s not to love about these dog toys? Coloured using eco-friendly vegetable dyes and weaved into comical shapes using natural cotton rope, your pup will get hours of joy out of these toys and will help to ensure they don’t rip up the rest of your house.

On top of giving your dog a bit of fun these rope toys act like dental floss, meaning they're a great natural alternative for cleaning little teeth!

If you’re searching for a boredom cure, a way to stop your expensive stuff from being chewed or just a fun pressie, our rope chew toys have got you covered!

The Important Stuff

Shape: Lion
Material: Weaved cotton rope
Size: 15cm
Weight: 85 grams
Colour: Orange

The Care Stuff

The dog toys are not indestructible but are made for some fun chewing. Like any dog toy, life time will depend on how aggressive a chewer your little one is!

To clean your toy, pop it in a delicate bag and use the gentle cycle on the washing machine.

Once the rope is chewed to pieces please dispose of the toy to avoid any fraying fibres being swallowed.

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