Hand Stamped Dog Tag | Two Number


Your pup will really stand out with our awesome Barker & Bone Personalised Dog ID Tags.

A touch of style for your pets collar with the Barker & Bone hand stamped dog tag. Each of these round tags are made from brushed aluminium, are a durable 1.4mm thick and attached by a matching split ring.

All of our pet ID tags are hand made in our studio in Sydney's Hills District using traditional stamping and finishing techniques. Each tag will be polished with a jewellery grade coating to preserve it from the elements.

Because of the traditional hand stamping technique you can expect the letters on your tag to have an authentic look which will make it stand out from laser engraving. Each letter will be carefully spaced however some inconsistency will remain- we believe this adds to the beauty of the tag!

Make sure everyone at the park knows your doggos name by getting one of these custom hand stamped, personalised dog tags.

Also available in the following styles:

Cat ID Tags | Brass ID Dog Tag | Copper ID Dog Tag | Aluminium ID Dog Tag | Bone ID Dog Tag

In Depth Specifications

Diameter: 31mm (1 1/4")
Thickness: 1.2 (18 gauge)
Material: Raw Copper, Raw Brass or Aluminium

Please note- Due to the nature of hand stamping, we can only stamp one side of each tag as a slight impression is always left on the reverse side.

Care Instructions

The split ring is a round coil of metal that can be opened & closed to connect your dog tag to the collar. It’s important to make sure you clip your leash directly to the collar and not to the split ring as these aren’t designed to hold when heavy force is applied (like a dog pulling on a walk).

If the split ring starts to deform then it should be replaced.

Does your pup enjoy playing rough? Let us know in the Order Notes section of the cart and we'll include a heavy duty split ring!

Natural Brass & Copper

All of our brass & copper products are cut into shape from 1.2mm thick sheets of raw material. They are then tumbled to remove burrs and create a smooth edge.

As the brass & copper is in its raw form the metal will develop a beautiful patina over time. Each tag will have slight imperfections in the metal which give individual characteristics and make no two tags the same.

The patina on copper is a strong, distinctive colour and can develop quite quickly. This patina can transfer on to light coloured collars & for these cases we recommend choosing an aluminium or brass tag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Always perfect

Will forever buy the pups tags from you guys. Thank you!

Hand stamped dog tag two number

Loved the copper hand stamped dog tag and especially the ability to have two numbers. I used mine for my mobile phone number and dog registration

Quality and Class

I ordered a round tag with two phone numbers for our new little family member Zeus. Firstly, the prompt service was second to none. From order to delivery it was less than a week. It came in a cure little mesh bag with a beautifully hand written note - i love the little personal touch. Then the quality is just amazing. I wasn't expecting it to be such a nice weight. It feels like it will truly last the test of time. Most other dog tags of similar look are so light and the quality doesn't even remotely compare. Thank you so much Marty, I'm so excited to put it on our little Zeus in a weeks time when we bring him home. I'll be sure to share a photo on Instagram with him looking all stylish with his new bling.

So very personal and friendly

Not only was the ID tag we purchased perfect, but our delivery arrived in a gorgeous little pouch with a handwritten note thanking us for our purchase.
Will definitely be a return buyer!

Pet name tags

Arrived very quickly after ordering. Cute with good detail..would definitely use again