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Founder of Barker & Bone

Lover of all things dog related.

Enjoys spoiling two good boys.

Can be found with a coffee in one hand and a hammer in the other.

Bailey & Wesley

Product Testing

Two good boys.

Enjoy soft beds, long walks and dog parks.

Can be found sleeping the day away in any sunny spot of the house.

Barker & Bone Dog Accessories
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Barker & Bone

All About Us

Barker & Bone was founded in 2016 from a small corner of a spare room. We had a handful of scrap copper pieces, a brass hammer and two good boys who needed some style added to their dog collars.

The workshop has now expanded to a studio in Sydney's Hills District where you can find us hammering away on a bench (Marty) or enjoying the day in the sunshine (Bailey & Wesley).

Our brand ethos is to stay on trend by offering luxe materials, premium quality finishes and stunning design & we are focused on producing and sourcing only the best pet accessories for the animals of Australia (and the world!).

The team at Barker & Bone have a deep passion for contemporary pet accessories and we take our style cues from the latest trends. Let’s face it, why shouldn’t our fur babies look as fashionable as we do?

Richly styled rose gold dog collars, hand-dyed cotton rope leashes and hand stamped ID tags are just a few of the pieces that are designed by the Barker & Bone team and our range of stainless steel dog collars are sourced based on their durability and style.

To stay true to our brand ethos we are committed to small batch production, limited product runs & high-quality material. We prioritise products that blend unique fabrics, textures & colours and are constantly searching for interesting designs to add to our collections.

We don't just want our pups to wear apparel out of necessity, we wanted them to LOVE the things they wear! Whether we hand-make, design or source the merchandise we offer in our store, we always endeavour to combine flawless style with premium quality material.

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Size Guide

For a proper fit of your dog collar, measure your pup's neck with a measuring tape. Pull snugly but always allow room to slip two fingers between the collar and the neck.

Length Width Hardware
X-Small 23cm - 31cm 2cm 2.5cm
Small 31cm - 41cm 2cm 2.5cm
Medium 41cm - 48cm 2.5cm 3cm
Large 48cm - 55cm 2.5cm 3cm