Luxe Dog Leash

They can try pulling on the dog leash all they want, but let’s make it fashion

For the Paw-cassos and Mariah Hairys, Barker & Bone’s luxe dog leashes add a splash of personality. Beautiful (but sturdy), these dog leads turn a casual stroll around the block into a Dogue-strutting affair.

Keeping your BFF nice and close, your furry pal will think twice before chasing down your local postie or speedy cyclist. Looking and feeling mighty fine, our dog leashes come with luxury gold hardware and D-ring for hooking on your poop bag holder and keys. Train, walk or run, there’s always time for a quick cuddle.

Whether you’re grabbing a pick-me-up latte or heading to the beach, our gorgeous dog leashes will help you keep a watchful eye on your cheeky escape artist. Be sure to check out our stylish rope dog leashes for more wardrobe options. Paired with our bow tie dog collars or designer dog collars, your pup will be getting wags of approval.

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