Dog Collar & Leash Set

Take your fur-baby out for a stroll in comfort and style with our premium quality dog collar and leash sets.

The pieces of each set are perfectly coordinated for a sophisticated look that will stand out whether you’re playing at the dog park or just taking your pup out for a quick stroll. The collar and leash sets are made from durable nylon webbing to ensure they are tough enough to handle dogs of all different sizes and can be easily adjusted for a secure fit.

We offer designs accented with stunning fabrics like casual denim or plush velvet to add eye-catching texture to the look. Pick out a classic solid coloured material that will go with anything or make a bold impression with a funky pattern!

Size Guide

For a proper fit of your dog collar, measure your pup's neck with a measuring tape. Pull snugly but always allow room to slip two fingers between the collar and the neck.

Length Width Hardware
X-Small 23cm - 31cm 2cm 2.5cm
Small 31cm - 41cm 2cm 2.5cm
Medium 41cm - 48cm 2.5cm 3cm
Large 48cm - 55cm 2.5cm 3cm