Doggo Heirlooms


If you’re one of the thousands of people I’ve heard say “only the best for my dog!”, you definitely need a handmade dog tag from Barker & Bone. If you have gone slightly overboard as I have, you’d order one for your dog and one for yourself (like the best kind of friendship bracelet!), perhaps you’ll order one for your pup’s best friend too!



What’s so special about Barker & Bone tags though? Isn’t a tag, a tag? Not quite. These are lovingly hand made in our Sydney studio with each letter & number spaced by hand, so they have a slightly inconsistent look. This creates a unique and one of a kind item, never to be replaced. A good match for a one of a kind pup that can’t be replaced!

Barker & Bone tags are deeply engraved from stamped letters so they won’t distort over time, and the brass + copper used develops a patina over time so the tag will be enhanced by wearing it. Each one is lovingly hand polished to remove any burrs and light marks without removing the unique qualities of each tag and the sturdy 1.2mm thickness means that the tags won’t bend out of shape.

Tags aren’t just for aesthetic purposes though; they are a necessity. If your pup decides to go on a little neighbourhood adventure (I hate when they do that!), they are more easily returned to you. It’s happened to the best of us, somebody leaves the front door a little ajar or you’ve turned your back for a second and your little friend has made a bid for freedom. Lucky Mrs P at the end of the street was out watering her garden when she saw your little escapee trotting past the house.

One last thing to consider is that as sad as it sounds now a dog collar and tag are often the items that people keep long after their pet is no longer with them. Tags last the test of time, they’re like doggo heirlooms.

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