4 Things Your Dog Actually Hates

Doggos can’t speak with words, but they are communicating with you every day. Unbeknownst to many people, there are a few common behaviours dogs exhibit that say, “I don’t like you right now”. Don’t worry though, I’ll share 4 of the most common behaviours and 4 things that you can do to encourage the love and trust between you and your best furiend.



Does your dog run away from you when you walk near them? Do they run from the room when you enter? Do you find them hiding under furniture? This is your doggo telling you that they don't like what you do to them when you get close. Perhaps you talk too loudly, perhaps you slap them on the back as they come to you, or maybe you have called them to a punishment one too many times. Observe how you act when you call your doggo to you and see if you could correct what is making them uncomfortable. 


Do you hold your dog against their will? There is nothing I love more than coming home from a long day at work and hugging my dog and whispering “love meeee”. Does your doggo squirm to get free? I think everyone has done this at some point. This isn’t a behaviour that dogs ever exhibit in the wild (how funny would that be to see wolves hugging it out!). Next time you try and hug your doggo, try a one-armed hug and release them as soon as they want to be freed.


Do you take your pupper to the dog park and throw them in with all the other dogs? Do you see all those dogs jumping on your pupper? Do you seem them trying to jump into your lap? Lots of people think they should let dogs ‘sort it out themselves’ and not to interfere, this is actually terrible advice that can lead to fear or aggression in dogs. If you see your pup uncomfortable in a situation with other dogs, go to their defence. They need to trust you as the pack leader and that you can protect them.


Are you always getting up close and personal with your pupper? Do they turn their face away from you when you get too close? This is seen as an aggressive move in the wild – try keeping your distance a little more from your doggo and see how they start changing their behaviour toward you.



Now that you've worked out some of the things that your doggo doesn’t like, here's a few tips for you to increase the love and trust between the two of you!

RESPECT THEIR SPACE – allow them to come to you, don’t chase after them. Don’t make any sudden movements and show doggo that you are safe, calm and can be trusted.

ROUTINE MEALS – have a meal routine where you feed them at the same time and in the same place every day. This gives doggo a sense of order and predictability about their day.

PLAY GAMES – every doggo loves games but sadly once a pupper grows into a doggo, people think that they don’t like to play games anymore. This isn’t true! Doggo loves games, especially things like frisbee and fetch.

TREATS – lastly, the tastiest way to win over a new friend is treats! Call your doggo’s name and then treat them. Then let them walk away. Eventually doggo will associate you calling their name with something yummy.

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