How to Stop Destructive Dog Behaviour Fast

If you don’t give your dog toys to chew, they will find their own toys, like your socks, you phone charger or the leg of your dining chair. Every item that your dog chews that isn’t their own to destroy is a learning opportunity lost. You’re actually teaching your dog ‘this is ok to eat!’. Not cool!



If you think about all the stimulation you have each day, you get to choose what you’d like to eat, you get to go to work, see friends, play Nintendo, read the news and talk to friends. Your dog only has you and the world you give him/her. They eat what you tell them to, when you tell them to. They have no doggy friends and no ‘workplace’ to escape to. The toys you provide your dog are crucial for their stimulation and a nice way to say ‘thank you for being so pup-tastic’.


Did you know that chewing calms your dog? Toys are great options to allow your dog to be happy and relaxed. Dogs find play time to be a rewarding experience which counteracts the stress of your home being under constant threat (that’s what my beagle tells me anyway.) The more toys you give your pup to select from, the happier and more relaxed they will be! Just to mix it up a little, have a basket of toys and rotate them often so your pup is constantly surprised!


Toys can provide a safe outlet for your dog’s natural behaviours such as exploring and playing whilst developing new skills such as fetching or playing tug. Playing games that are suitable to your dog’s breed marks and shapes behaviours so that your dog will learn quickly.


Barker and Bone’s adorable range of braided chew toys are so good that dogs of all shapes and sizes will enjoy playing with. They are created using eco-friendly vegetables dyes so they are safe to chew on. Chewing on our rope toys will also aid with your dog’s teeth, acting like floss!

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