The Secret Language Of Dogs

Have you spoken to your pupper lately? Were you able to decipher what they was saying? A lot of people might be surprised to learn that dogs have their own way of communicating with their humans and their pack. You might have even heard the saying that dogs speak, just not with words.



It’s really important that you listen when your pup speaks to you for a few reasons. Firstly, this increases the bond with your pet as they know and trust that you’re hearing them. This gives the confidence they need to navigate life with humans.

Listening to your dog can also prevent problems and poor behaviour in the future. For example, if you fail to see that your pup is scared of something (say people outside his family pack) you could create a fearful and aggressive dog that might require professional retraining. This can be expensive and time consuming for you to fix.

Being in tune with your pup’s language can also prevent the unfortunate event of them biting someone. Often before a dog bites, he will give off several signs that often get missed. Nobody believes that their dog is capable of actually biting someone, until they do.


This doesn’t have to be a mystery that only dogs know - with a little bit of effort you too can become fluent in the secret language of dogs!

I’m calm & neutral – you will see a relaxed body posture, with a relaxed tail, possibly wagging. Ears will be up; this is the dog you want to come and pat!

I’m excited!- You will see ears forward, a fast wagging tail and maybe even be jumped on, knocked over, or accidentally scratched in the excitement to see you!

Let’s play! – a bouncing pup who is in the ‘play bow’, think of the yoga posture ‘downward dog’!), you will see a wagging tail and a ‘smile’ on their face

Submissive – laying on his back with his paws tucked in, tail tucked in and looking up at you

I’m anxious – you will see ears back, with the tail low. The tip of the tail might wag a little. The body could be leaning back or turned away from you slightly.

I’m scared – you will see ears flattened, with the tail tucked under. Your pup might also be crouching or shaking.

Aggressive– you will see a stiff posture, with a slowly wagging tail like a flag. The hair might stand up on the back of the dog’s neck and he may show his teeth. He might also be staring at you or growling.

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