6 Crazy Dog Problems and How to Avoid Them

There’s nothing quite like having a furry companion to call your best friend, but it’s no secret that dogs like to get into mischief every chance they get. Whether it’s running through mud or typical puppy bad habits, dogs always seem to get into something they shouldn't. To help you out, we’ve collected some of the most common puppy issues and how to deal with them. Spoiler Alert: You need some premium dog accessories.



Anyone who has had a dog for any length of time will tell you that dogs are brilliant escape artists. To make sure your pooch always comes home safely, make sure they’re wearing a collar and a tag at all times. You never know when they will walk out the front door (or under the back fence!) It’s also a good idea to check your perimeter fences regularly to make sure no dirt has moved or fence posts have come loose.


It is essential that pets have regular medication for fleas, ticks and worms to keep them safe and healthy. For example, fleas are everywhere, (especially if you live in the Australian climate where it doesn’t get really cold!) as they can continue to breed all year round. Fleas can live in your grass and if your pup brings them inside you will have to get your house fumigated too… no fun! Another nasty critter is the tick which can be fatal to your dog if not caught in time. But you know that your Mum always said, prevention is better than cure! Just pop to your local pet store or veterinarian and they can guide you to the best medication for your pet. It’s SO important to use these medications to help keep your pet in perfect health.

And one last thing, you should always keep your dog on a dog leash anytime you’re outdoors to prevent them from running through tall grass, which is where both fleas and ticks like to hang out! 


What’s worse than a wet dog? The smell of a wet dog all through the house! Have you ever taken your dog to the dog park and forgotten that it’s recently rained? Opps, Ziggy has found that one pile of mud and decided to roll in it. Great. Having a dog that smells bad is no fun at all, everything they touch (including your car, furniture, bedding and carpet!) will eventually smell too. To prevent some of these smelly/ muddy accidents, check out our premium accessories. We say premium because our dog collar and leash sets will stand out from the pack in both style and quality!


I get it, groomers are expensive. You tried to save money by cutting corners – pardon the pun, and you’ve ruined your dog. Nobody likes a ‘rat cut’ on their Poodle so make sure you either factor in the cost of grooming every 3-6 weeks (depending on your breed) or invest in some quality kit & some lessons. Believe it or not, your dog knows when he/she looks good Ever wondered why he/she pooped in your shoes? It’s because you made them look stupid.


I know, everyone likes puppies! Unless of course you aren’t a breeder and you accidentally find Mario (male) attached to Peggy-Sue (female).. luckily Mario and Peggy-Sue’s pawrents decided to get them "fixed" so they can have fun with no consequences (lucky dogs!)

Having a litter of unexpected puppies isn’t always a good thing. There are risks to the mother and things can go wrong during pregnancy and birth. Not all puppies find their fur-ever homes either, with many ending up in animal shelters. Spaying/ neutering dogs when they come of age is beneficial in so many ways, it can reduce health problems later in life – how can that be a bad thing?! Talk to your vet so that they can talk you through any concerns you might have.

Now, if you don’t plan on spaying/ neutering your pooch, it’s really important for you to keep them on a collar & leash when out exploring the world. And if you have a runner, make sure you get some personalised dog tags on them so you can find out if they’ve made “a friend” down the road.


Nobody likes a poop eater. Unfortunately, we have had the unpleasant experience of having a poop eater in our pack before and yes, that applies to all kinds of poop. His poop, her poop, bunny poop, goose poop – you name it. A dog who likes poop is always on a scavenger hunt for the smelly stuff. This bad habit is as gross as it is dangerous for your pooch as well. So, if you have a poop eater in the family, you have to invest in a quality dog leash and collar to deter them from dessert. Gross!

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