Remember These Tips Before You Travel With Your Dog

Dogs aren’t really animals, they’re people with fur. Naturally you can’t go on a holiday without them! Unfortunately, not all dogs like the act of travelling to a new place; perhaps they’ll bark the entire road trip or worse, vomit every time the car takes a turn. Maybe they’ve never travelled at all before or even been in a crate.

These are all common concerns dog owners have when travelling for the first time. Don’t worry, we have put together some tricks of the trade that will help get you and your person-with-fur get from point A to point B, even if it’s just a trip to the vet for their annual check-up.


Whether you're travelling by car, bus, train, plane or boat, you should always avoid giving your dog a gourmet meal before setting off. Feed their usual meal anywhere from 2 to 3 hours before you intend to set off. You should also avoid giving them special treats, ‘human food’, or large amounts of food. Unless of course you want to clean it up off your back seat, and let me tell you, vomit isn’t a smell that goes away quickly!

As for water, hydration is important so make sure they have plenty of it throughout the duration of your trip. 


This is the biggest and most important rule. This is incredibly dangerous because even when temperature seems mild outside the car, your pet experiences things differently. Many pet owners have tragically lost their animals by making this mistake. Make sure to always have your dog's collar & leash in the car and take them out whenever you leave the car.

Leaving the windows open is not an option either – who might walk past and steal your precious pup? Maybe your pup will escape the gap? Maybe someone will come past and feed your dog something that could make them sick?

Now, you might be thinking it’s okay to leave them in the car for just a couple of minutes to run into the petrol station, or to take a quick bathroom break. It’s never recommended but if you find yourself in this situation always make sure the child safety lock is on. Otherwise, your pup could place his paw on the right spot on the arm rest and voila! The windows are opened, and your dog is on the run in an unfamiliar place! This is also why it’s important to always have a personalised dog tag on your furry family member. You just never know when they might go wandering!


Another must, and this cannot be reiterated enough – you need a personalised dog tag. Whenever you are travelling to an unfamiliar area the risk increases that your pup could get distracted with some new scents or people and just wander off. If your dog happens to get lost, you want to make sure whoever finds them can contact you. This little tip has reunited dogs separated by hundreds of kilometres before. So, don’t wait and get them a personalised dog tag. It’s also good to have this even if you aren’t travelling.


Just like the rest of the family, your dog needs frequent potty breaks. The humans in the car should be stopping every 2 hours to take a break so use this time to your advantage. Make sure your dog collar and leash are on hand so your pup can potty quickly and without incident. Not to mention that this is an excellent time for the humans to stretch their legs too!

Now, if you're travelling by plane and letting them out isn’t an option, you can always opt for doggy diapers. However, you're likely to still have a mess to clean up.


Before you take your dog anywhere, it’s best to see your vet for a check-up, including making sure your vaccinations are up to date. This is important for many reasons, such as different countries have different dangers that can be posed to pets; some places are more prone to ticks and fleas, and other areas actually require your pet to be quarantined for a set period of time before letting them enter. Having your vet discuss the possible dangers and solutions with you is a wise decision. 


Travelling with your pet can be a fun and rewarding experience, just take note of the above tips and you will be fine! Shop Barker and Bone today for personalised dog tags and premium dog accessories to ensure safe and stylish travels for both you and your fur child.

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