Survival Guide For Working From Home With Pets

Part 2 of 3 

In the previous article, we looked at the pros and cons of having pets at home, the importance of self-care, and daily walking. In this second installment of our 3-part-series, we have some more practical day to day tips for helping you and your furry companion become good office buddies.


Work might be boring for you because it’s all meetings and group chats but imagine your poor pet who is confused as anything because you are, in fact, home… but you’re ignoring them! Depending on your workload and your pup’s energy level, set some alarms frequently through the day or even set up some private calendar events so that nothing can interrupt this most sacred time of the day – play time!

Good for you: This gives you bursts of stress relief, it’s the working from home equivalent of going to the kitchen for coffee and gossiping with work friends, except better.

Good for pup: Expends energy, and rewards pup for being quiet during the previous period.


New toys or new socks, whatever floats your pup’s boat! As you have no doubt read, dogs age quicker than humans. So, your full 8-hour workday is actually 56 hours longto a dog. (Really, Google it!) Nothing breaks up the boredom than a new toy! If you have enough toys, have them on a rotation of morning (after their walk), lunch time, and evening. Take the old toys away and hide them. Your pup won’t know what’s coming and this will keep him entertained for hours. If you only have a few toys, just rotate these as often as you can.

Good for you: Your pup is distracted and excited to see what they will get this time!

Good for pup: There is nothing your pup would love more than seeing something new a few times a day!


For really active dogs, this tip is very important! Dogs need to be kept active both physically (the morning walk) and mentally. Having a quick 10-15-minute training session to teach your dog some tricks will help tire them out (and give them some extra tasty treats!) What about teaching your pup to ‘sit pretty’, ‘play dead’ or ‘high five’!

Good for you: great way to break up your day, your dog learns new tricks!

Good for pup: gets some much needed attention from you, exercises his mind, gets rewarded for good behaviours.


Nobody likes to be alone, especially your pets. The smooth voice of Rosamund Pike as she reads Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice is enough to calm even the most highly-strung pups. Try by setting up Audible for dogs in a room of your house. Sit with them for a minute or two while the book is playing, and don’t say anything as you leave the room.

Good for you: You know your dog is getting an education, you can relax knowing they aren’t alone.

Good for pup: Your pup relaxes and naps as someone is dedicated to talking to them!


Have you tried any of these tips above? Did you find they helped you at all?


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