10 Gifts Every Dog-Mama Will Love

Mother’s Day is fast approaching which is an excellent time to celebrate your favourite fur-mamas! Mother’s Day is a time to show those that care for us just how much we appreciate them. Sentimental and practical gifts are the best kind, so we’ve put together a list of the best gifts ideas to give your favourite fur-mama.



We don’t know a mama alive who doesn’t love photos of their children. Surprise mama with a framed photo of her fur child/children. Bonus points if you manage to get one for home and one for her desk work!


No matter how many great photos mama has with her pack, she will always want more. Have her dress up, brush your pup’s eyebrows and take her on a mini photo shoot. Of course you will need to make sure your pup looks his best in this matching collar, leash and bow tie set. Bonus points if mama and pupper match!


Another thing that I know mamas want, is a nice sleep! Does your fur mama get up really early to take your doggo out to the toilet? Let her sleep in for a while, you take pup out to toilet and maybe even go for a little walk while you’re at it. Don’t forget your rope leash and your poop bags!


If it’s one thing that every single mama deserves (human or fur-mamas!) and that’s a shout out for all they do for their kids. Choose one of mama’s favourite photos and upload to Facebook or Instagram with a few things that you are grateful for. The early mornings, the grooming, feeding, training, running their pup’s Instagram page…


Another thing that mama’s love is personalised jewellery! They especially love when other’s notice this and it becomes a talking point in the lunchroom at work. As if we needed yet another reason to bring up their Bichon ‘Benny’ at work again!


What says ‘I love you’ like matching outfits? Impress mama with a pair of matching pajamas, or matching shirts. Nothing will turn heads more when you’re out for your Saturday morning Latte than a dog dressed like their owners. Have a mini photo-shoot and use the photo as your Christmas cards this year!


Another subtle nod to the obsessed mama – enamel pins! The perfect accessories to any outfit. Pins can be attached to mama’s handbag, work bag or hat. There is no such thing as ‘too many pins’ and she can switch them up to compliment her look each day.


Every mama worries while they’re away from their pups – are they ok? Are they crying? Are they getting into trouble? Problem solved! There are a few cameras on the market at the moment, but the most popular are the Arlo and the Furbo. Both have a mobile app that you can talk to your pets through, and the Furbo can even dispense treats!


No bedroom style is complete without a customised pet cushion. Get one for every pup in the house. Why not even add your friend’s pets too; have a whole pack of dogs on your bed! This gift would also work for your dog’s Nana and Grandad because they miss your dog too, you just don’t know it.


Make mama a custom tag for her keychain. Not only will she never lose her keys again, but it will be a great reminder every time she leaves the house or comes home. Not only are these cool because they’re custom made, you will never lose your keys again because your phone number is right on them.  


Last but by no means least, mama would go crazy for a matching collar and leash set – who wouldn’t want to be the envy of everyone in the street when she walks her special little Pupperino? Mamas love being admired for their fashion sense!

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