6 Tips For Working At Home With Pets

Part 3 of 3

The final instalment of our 3-part series about working with your pets at home. We have more tips to keep you sane while working from home with your best frens!   


This next one is harder to do, I know. One day, COVID-19 will be a distant memory and we will be forced to go back to the office without our favourite co-worker. It should be discrimination! Your pup won’t understand why you’re going back to the office suddenly and could suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, it is really important that your pup still have some time alone while you are home. Put them in your yard, or in another room with the door closed. An hour or so should be enough to remind them ‘I’m not always here’!

Good for you: time alone! Hello distraction free video conferences! Lessened separation anxiety for your pup when life returns to normal.

Good for pup: Learns some boundaries around your presence, will be less stressed when you’re not around as much.


Some pets are really annoying when you’re just trying to send that important email. Barking at you, squeaking that toy in your face, pawing at you or even biting your ankles because “it’s play time!” it’s really important that even in these stressful times, you don’t give into poor behaviour. If your pup is displaying this type of behaviour, it’s likely that they're bored (see our article on this very topic!) but you should ignore and redirect/ distract the behaviour. Remember, reward the behaviour you want!

 Good for you: You don’t unintentionally train your pet into bad habits.

Good for pup: Your pup learns rules, boundaries and limitations.


As mentioned previously, a dog’s workday is about 56 hours long (your workday can feel56 hours long too!) so it’s important that you take regular breaks to give your pup a little attention. Get up out of your chair, go to a different room and stretch your legs. Make a cup of tea or get a glass of water, sit in the sunshine for a few minutes and enjoy the micro break.

 Good for you: Have a quick break, stretch your legs, ease your stress.

Good for pup: Finally gets some attention, has a bathroom break.


Nobody likes eating the same foods day after day after day. Neither does your Pupperino! While you’re working from home, try and mix up those tasty treats to keep them guessing and to keep them obedient – they'll never know what’s coming next! Is it turkey? Or is it the chimpkins? They'll have to do themselves a sit to find out!

Good for you: Who doesn’t like making their pup happy with tasty treatos?

Good for pup: Who doesn’t like being a 10/10 good boy/girl and eating treatos?


Probably one of my favourite tips ever, is to share photos of your pets at work. Start a group chat on WhatsApp or a shared photo album on your iPhone. Everyone loves a good pet photo. To increase the fun, caption the photo as if your pet is speaking 

Good for you: Have a laugh and get to know your colleagues a little better.

Good for pup: Loves being the centre of attention!


This depends on which kind of company you work from, but maybe you could sit your pet on your lap during your video call. Have your co-workers do this too! Nothing spices a boring meeting up more than seeing 7 other pets on the screen! You get bonus points if you can get your boss to do this too!

Good for you: You get to smile and enjoy a meeting for once in your life.

Good for pup: You get to see what this “meeting” is and see some new faces.


Have you tried any of these tips above? Did you find they helped you at all? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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