The Secret To Choosing The Perfect Dog Collar

There are many things to consider before buying your fur-friend a collar, but don’t worry we will walk you through all you need to know!



A crucial part of choosing the ideal collar for your dog is picking a collar that is the correct width. Small breeds and puppies generally need thinner collars, whereas larger dogs generally need thicker collars. Also consider the size and weight of your pup as well as the activities they will likely be doing. For example, a working German Shepherd puppy will need a different collar than a pet toy poodle puppy.


When fitting your dog’s collar, it’s best practice to fit two fingers between the dog’s collar and their neck. This will ensure there is enough room for the dog to breathe comfortably, but not enough room that the collar could slip off. You should monitor your pup the first few times they wear their new collar just to make sure you have the fit correct.


Buckles or clips? There are so many options available that it can become confusing very quickly. Luckily, Barker and Bone’s buckle collars are a fantastic choice for most dogs. They are a sturdy choice that won’t come undone when your dog active and they are really well suited to growing puppies as the collar grows as they do. Win win!


Leather collars can look good but should be carefully considered for those dogs who lead an active lifestyle as you shouldn’t get them wet. They can also be uncomfortable around your pet’s neck, can you imagine sleeping with a leather collar each night? I didn’t think so!

Fabric collars are also super fashionable, they look great, are comfortable for your pet as a ‘daily collar’ and are usually reasonably priced. Just keep in mind they might get dirty if you have someone who loves mud (Or you have a Labrador who rubs himself all over the fresh cut grass and turns himself green - welcome to my life!)

Nylon collars are an excellent option for so many reasons. They’re easy to clean with warm soap & water, comfortable enough for everyday wear and they look great too. Also, nylon tends to be able to avoid fading colour better than other types of collars.


Check out our brilliant range of collars today at Barker and Bone.

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