Every Dog Leash Explained In 30 Seconds

If only we lived in a world where our doggos walked next to us perfectly and came to us when we called. Unfortunately, there are too many dangers in the world which makes leashes a necessity, not a luxury.



Walking your dog on a leash isn’t just required by law in many areas, but it keeps dogs safe, both from others and protects others from being frightened of your pup. Leashes are also essential to keep your pup from dangers such as cars, bikes or small children that might be knocked over.


When you first bring your puppy home, you will be using a leash several times a day to teach the fundamentals of toilet training. Your pup should be taken every waking hour to their toilet location, while on a leash. This serves as a cue to your puppy ‘we are on our way to the toilet!’


Then you will step into the world of socialising your pup, which of course means controlled exposure to different experiences, the leash is crucial in this. This guides your puppy where you need them to go and where you want them to stay. The leash tells your puppy that you are always in control and they are safe. 


Finally, you will be using a leash for your daily walk/s. Just you and your pup exploring the world every day with your trusted companion. Did you know that when a loved family pet crosses the rainbow bridge, it’s often the leash that stays up on the wall as a reminder of the special bond you shared?   


Barker and Bone’s leashes are made with durable nylon webbing, infused with velvet and a strong steel bucket clasp. Nylon is designed to keep even the most excitable dogs safe and will last a lifetime. There is a collar and leash to suit any pup’s personality, so check them out on our website today!

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